See you at South by Southwest!

The National Science Foundation will have a big presence at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival in Austin, Texas this year. NSF’s booth (booth #309) at the Austin Convention Center will feature astronomy, polar and innovation themes, with attendees able to take pictures with a black hole and in front of an Antarctic backdrop wearing extreme weather gear. Attendees will also be able to visit the IceCube Neutrino Observatory and a black hole with virtual reality, learn about everyday technology powered by NSF-funded research and hear about funding opportunities for startups.

PLUS these amazing panels will feature NSF experts and NSF-funded researchers:

Wildlife Rangers Armed with AI

Credit: Lara Zanarini, Shutterstock

Wildlife parks are using AI and machine learning to predict when and where wildlife crimes will occur, helping rangers–who often patrol vast expanses–thwart crime and stay safe. Learn more

The Future of Healing: Engineering Longer Life

Credit: Carnegie Mellon University

Learn about the processes, pitfalls and ethics of tissue engineering and find out how far – or close – we are to a future where we can rebuild parts of our bodies from scratch. Learn more here.

The Rigors of Scientific Filmmaking in Antarctica

Credit: Mike Lucibella, NSF

With bitter cold, rough seas and howling winds, making movies in Antarctica is no simple task. Learn how scientists and filmmakers operate in this unforgiving environment to bring you stories of the animals, people and places that exist at the end of the world. Learn more here.

Preventing Space Weather Disasters


Our knowledge of what drives space weather is nearly a century behind our knowledge of what drives weather on Earth. A new NSF-funded telescope will take an extreme close-up of the sun and revolutionize our understanding of how stars work. Learn more here.